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The Tryals Shop is the U.S. distributor for the Tenaci-Wong Trials Bikes. Please contact us with any questions or if you would like to purchase this game changing clubman’s trials motorcycle.

About Tenaci-Wong Motorcycles

The brand name Tenaci-Wong originates from the word “tenacity” and the surname of its founder, Mr. Zemin Wong.

The name represents the spirit of perseverance and determination to conquer all obstacles, as Mr. Wong himself accomplished developing the TWC200 trials motorcycle. His passion for the sport began 17 years ago after watching a video of an international trials competition. Unfortunately, at that time specialized motorcycles for the sport were virtually unknown in his homeland of China.

Following years of testing, research and development of his designs incorporating the newest technologies, the Tenaci-Wong trials motorcycle was born. The commitment of time, energy, finances, and dedication to creating his dream are truly illustrated in the Tenaci-Wong name.

The Tenaci-Wong is built to be the instrument for its rider to overcome obstacles. It is the “warrior’s horse”; responsive, skilled, strong and reliable.

Enjoy conquering obstacles on Tenaci-Wong!

Attention to detail and quality in its components is what makes the resulting motorcycle one which is capable, reliable and gratifying to own. Here are a few of the features of the Tenaci-Wong TWC200 illustrating our determination to produce such a machine.

The Tenaci-Wong swingarm is manufactured using a combination of modern CNC machining and ancient mortise and tenon technologies. The resulting aluminum assembly is incredibly strong, light and durable to withstand bending and torsional forces.

Front forks feature chrome plated high strength 40mm tubes for maximum rigidity. Combined with fully adjustable compression and rebound dampening, the front suspension is designed to meet the highest demands of competition riding.

The 200cc four-stroke, liquid cooled, electric start, EFI engine provides crisp throttle response, smooth power and high torque. The hydraulic clutch and six-speed transmission combine to make this a versatile and reliable engine.

The TWC200’s unique chain design incorporates high-strength plates manufactured to significantly reduce weight while increasing abrasion resistance. The result is a lighter, yet more durable chain.

CNC machining of aluminum components (swingarm, triple clamps, bar clamps, wheel hubs, brake & shifter) provides precision made high-strength parts throughout the bike.

Front and rear rims are manufactured by Giant Light Metal Technology from 7075 aluminum which represents the highest grade of material in use on premium motorcycle rims.

The high-tensile steel frame of the TWC200 provides outstanding strength and durability for the rider. Handling geometry is precise and predictable.

Carbon fiber tank, front disc and exhaust silencer components are light, strong, abrasive-resistant and provide beautiful accents to the motorcycle’s excellent fit and finish.

Innovative design, quality materials, workmanship and assembly all add up to giving TWC200 owners an exceptionally capable and reliable Trials motorcycle.

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