E.T.C. Changes & Substituting Fun Ride Oct. 30th

E.T.C. Changes and Substituting Fun Ride Oct. 30th
Hi Everyone,
Substituting Fun Ride for Party~
Moonie is not up for the originally planned “Halloween Celebration Ride and Awards Party” on October 30th this year, so we are substituting Fun Riding all weekend.  It’s what we normally do anyway!  Most of you who have been riding here recently know Moonie’s situation, and also that we never, ever count him out of the equation when making our decisions and plans here.  He’s still ever-ready and wanting to be the official Tryals Shop Greeter (as you’ve all seen) but we know he’s not going to be comfortable putting on a party hat this year.  So come any time for a fun ride or practice and we’ll call it good and plenty for Halloween.
Other Changes Coming for the Empire Tryals Center Next Season~
The People have Spoken! (as they say) and we’re not going to be pushing Scoring as the #1 anymore.  95% of the Season’s Pass holders and Day pass Riders this year came to free ride on the course in their own way and to improve their skills- not to score.  I rode with most of you when you came. I offered riding tips when you wanted them, and I saw a lot of you really improve. We had a lot of fun. Many of you came for a bike repair and we rode together afterwards on your improved ride.  Some of you came in small groups and made up your own competition system and wagers.  And this year I gave more one-on-one Lessons than ever before too.  
What most riders did not do here this year… is keep a scorecard.  And that’s never a problem with me.  You will always be welcome to ride and score a full trial on the ever-marked course if you want to. But there will be other ways next year to earn a T-Shirt or something special. That’s in the works.  I’ll have more information forth-coming on how things will look and what the offerings will be next year at the E.T.C.   
And remember that we ride here however you like it best, at whatever level you want it to be. We’ll be on the pegs this winter too (another type of riding challenge).  All it takes is some shovels and a sunny day.  
See you soon, Mike