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Tape, Section Marking, (Tryals Shop)

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Product Details
Brand: Tryals Shop
Type: 2 Mil thick 3"Wide by 1000 ft. roll
Color: Medium Green with Tryals Shop logo
Note: Shipping alternatives available for multiple rolls. . Email or Call (315-497-3268) for best cost.

We finally found a tape (after all our years working with tape) that we LOVE for marking a Trial in the woods, or for marking our Riding Course here.


*It looks NICE.

*Easily seen but blends with natural surroundings.

*Logo placed at 19" intervals (not busy or loud)

*Excellent elasticity. Stretches well and returns well.

*Does not get brittle. Does not break easily

*Incredibly fade resistant

*Longevity and Re-usability: In some spots on our Riding Course this tape has been up through wind, rain, and sun for 6-8 months with only slight fade (even in the sunniest locations) and has not become brittle. We have moved and re-used it.

*Excellent quality, Made in the USA

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