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Pass, Empire Tryals Center, 2024 (Season)

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Brand: Tryals Shop
Type: Riding Pass (Season)

Empire Tryals Center (E.T.C.) Riding Pass 2024 (Season or Day)

Ride Ride Ride.

Practice, Fun, Training, or Instruction. Riding any way you like it.

Individual 100.00/yr

Family $125/yr (Youth & Oset always Free)

Day passes $20

Updates, Upgrades and additions on deck for 2024! New RV & Tent Camping Area-COMPETED! Barn set up for campers too. As always, this property continues to be purpose-built each year, with just one goal in mind-Enjoying Trials. Hope to see you for the 2024 Season. Be well. Mike

Season’s Pass Perks

*Continuing in 2024: E.T.C. Season’s Pass Holders are welcome to come and ride the course for practice and training anytime, as they wish. We will be open for day riding (or under the lights) 7 days a week. We do ask that you check with us for Sunday riding times (as we typically open later that day).The sections will always be designed for all Trial bikes. Youth/Oset Friendly, Vintage/Modern Friendly.

*Continuing in 2024: If you come alone and would like a riding partner, I will try to ride with anyone who shows up. Always happy to share the fun and offer riding tips- as well as help you improve your skills with any part of a section (or sections) on the property. Wednesday is an Official Practice Day so E.T.C. riders can plan a ride when they know others (besides myself) will be riding.

Course Info

*Continuing in 2024: Sign up is Free for Season’s Pass Holders for all 6 "Holiday" Trials. Non- Pass Holders always welcome too ($20 Sign Up). All Trials are on Sundays with Noon Start. Rider's meeting just prior. Early and Late comers also welcome, just get together with me for 'lay of the land' if you miss the Rider's meeting. Event Schedule below.

*Continuing in 2024: For the best of both worlds- In addition to the Trial Events we will also continue Marathon Trial format for 2024 for those who want to keep scores throughout the season between the trials events. With the opportunity to ride marked sections for practice, training, scorekeeping or Marathon-Style competition. Season’s Pass Holders can mark their improvements. Thanks to all who have given your input over the last few years and encouraged us to continue this system where you can always pick your own riding date(s), time, and weather on our ever-marked and changeable 8-10 section course.

*Continuing in 2024: Although designed for fun, the sections are that and MUCH more. The structured format of this system is fine-tuned so that riders will have a measured way to improve their abilities. (Or just ride for fun any way you like.) A lot of thought goes into the sections for serving different rider goals. The sections will always be very generous with multiple ways of riding-using the marking or not. There are many possibilities of creating a unique line by adding any (or many) of the unmarked obstacles within the taped boundaries too. Finding a way around them is always an option as well. My effort is always at keeping the marking simple.

Camping Info

*New for 2024: Thank you all for your input on what you would like the Empire Tryals Center to offer. It's here! The Camping Area- Also known as "The Landing" is IN for tents or RVs. Water and Electric and a beautiful view of the Riding Course, the Pond, and the surrounding valley. We are still adding more creature comforts. Currently we are adding a Power wash Station and Grill area, and have intentions for Pavilion Area with Picnic table(s), fire pit, and bathroom. We aren’t officially charging for camping- as we are always simply happy to see you come to ride and enjoy. There is a donation box at The Landing if you feel moved to do so. All donations graciously accepted, but Most of all, just come and have Fun.

Detailed Info or questions: Please send an email to or call 315-497-3268.If you would like to be added to the Shop's Newsletter e-mailing list or if you have questions about Riding, Riding Instruction, Bike Repair, Trials Events, or Camping.


SCHEDULE: Holiday EVENTS--Every day we RIDE… Feels like a Holiday!

Note: All Trial Events use Gate Scoring (Create your Own Line Choosing markers- subtracting dabs-NOT losing all your points for one dab)

$20 Sign-up (or Season's Pass Holders Free)

May: Memorial Day Trial- Sunday, May 26th

June: Father's Day Trial- Sunday, June 16th

August: National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day Trial- Sunday, August 4th

September: Labor Day Trial- Sunday September 1st

October: Columbus Day Trial- Sunday October 13th

November: Veterans Day Trial- Sunday November 10th

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