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Pass, Empire Tryals Center, 2022 (Day)

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Type: Riding Pass (Season or Day)
  1. Ride Ride Ride. Practice, Fun, Training, or Instruction. Riding any way you like it.

E.T.C. Riders are welcome to come and use the course for practice and training anytime, as they wish. We will be open for day riding (or under the lights) 7 days a week. We do ask that you check with us for Sunday riding times (as we typically open later that day).

Marathon Trial format for 2022 continues. There has been a great response to having the property continually marked for practice, training, scorekeeping or Marathon-Style competition. Thanks to all who have given your input over the last few years and encouraged us to continue this system where you can pick your own riding date(s), time, and weather (and keep score, or not.....) on the ever-marked 10 section course.

Although designed for fun, the sections are that and MUCH more. The structured format of this system is fine-tuned so that riders will have a measured way to improve their abilities. (Or just ride for fun any way you like.) A lot of thought goes into the sections for serving different rider goals. The sections will always be very generous with multiple ways of riding them-using the marking or not. Many possibilities of creating a unique line by adding any (or many) of the unmarked obstacles within the taped boundaries too. Finding a way around them is always an option as well- and my effort is always at keeping the marking simple. The sections will always be designed for all Trial bikes. Youth/Oset friendly, Vintage/Modern Friendly.

As always, this property continues to be purpose-built each year, with just one goal in mind-Enjoying Trials. Hope to see you for the 2022 Season. Be well. Mike

Detailed Info or questions:Please send an email to or call 315-497-3268 if you would like to be added to the Shop's Newsletter mailing list or have questions about riding or instruction here.


Here's the Latest from Newsletter 01-04-22:

Happy New Year and thanks to all the riders who made 2021 a great year at the ETC and Tryals Shop. We are looking forward to a fun year in 2022 and below is the plan. I plan to "go easy". "Go Easy" was a simple bit of advice Tommi Ahvala's Dad shared with me in 1992 at the World Round in Canada. The older I get the more I see the value in those words.

The format for the 2022 Season at ETC will be very similar to this past Season but with a few changes. I plan on laying out one full-time marked Trial course with 10 sections instead of the 3 events I did last year. I will be making some occasional changes and adjustments to the sections throughout the season just to keep it fresh for those who come often. I also have a new idea to try with the scoring (for those who are interested in posting on the Scoreboard).

The course will be laid out in a way so that riders can score by treating the marked course as a gate Trial or they can use the conventional scoring system of 0-1-2-3-5. The Gate system scoring will be the M&M system used last year. 10 points to earn in each section. Five 1 point gates (orange), One 2 point gate (white), and One 3 point gate (yellow). Try any gates you like and subtract from the total points earned if you have to put your foot down. If you prefer to use conventional scoring, here is the system- Rookie has only start and finish markers to worry about and those riders can ride anywhere within the taped boundaries to get from start to finish. Novice have to ride all the orange gates. Intermediate ride all the orange gates plus the one white gate. Advanced/Expert have to ride all gates.The sections will be thoughtfully orchestrated to facilitate either scoring system, with 3 loops being a completed Trial event. As in the past, put your score on the score board if you like or just come and ride however you like. Practice, fun, training, or instruction.

I will try to ride with anyone who shows up. Always happy to share the fun and offer riding tips as well as help you improve your skills with any part of a section (or sections) on the property. I think this season I will designate Wednesday as an Official Practice Day so some E.T.C. riders may be able to plan a ride when they know others (besides myself) will be riding. As we always say-- the important thing is just the riding-- so come and enjoy riding Trial any way you like. The Season's Pass cost remains the same at 75.00/yr for Individuals, $100/yr for Couples & Families with Adult Children, Day passes $20. (Youth & Oset always Free) And this year a free Tryals Shop T-shirt is part of the package too. Order the color and style you like and pick it up on your visit to ride. Although winter just officially started a little while ago, I am anxious for Spring already and planning sections. Looking forward to 2022 at the Tryals Shop/ E.T.C. - Mike

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