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Kit, Flywheel Weight, Tryals Shop (Beta Evo 80 Jr./Sr.)

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Product Details
Brand: Tryals Shop
Color: Silver
Fits: Beta Evo 80 Jr./Sr.
Note: Variations in Flywheel Boss (Center of Flywheel) require weights with different center holes. Please measure your boss in mm and enter into text field when ordering.

This Flywheel weight for the Beta Evo 80 Jr./Sr. is GOOD NEWS.

In collaboration with Britannia Motorcycles the Tryals Shop has designed and manufactured a Beta Evo 80 (Jr. & Sr.) Flywheel Weight! This addition to the bike is long overdue and helps the motor act more like a Trial motor. It's only 4oz. but really smooths out that 'hit' in the power and seems impossible to stall with it on. It comes as a kit: Flywheel Weight, Flywheel Puller, Tap, & Screws. We've got kits on the shelf, and will take orders for manufacturing another round once those are gone. This Flywheel Weight is a MUST for enjoying riding the 80 to its fullest. And that's what it's ALWAYS all about here--- ENJOYING RIDING to the FULLEST. Feel free to call or email with questions.

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