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Hour Meter, Hardline

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Product Details
Brand: Hardline
Note: 57mm(2.24" x 36mm(.63") x 17.30mm (.68")


  • Track the Service Life of your bike- oil changes, valve adjustments, spark plug, etc...
  • Easy Installation- peel and stick, no wiring necessary, or attach with enclosed hardware
  • No Battery Required- connects to spark plug wire
  • No Power or Ground Wiring. Switches On/Off with engine.
  • Works on any gas engine. Great for 2 or 4 Strokes.
  • Records and displays to 9,999.9 hours with automatic roll-over
  • Hour glass symbol appears and flashes on/off to indicate counting time
  • 100% epoxy encapsulated casing resists water
  • One year warranty
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