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Graphics, Kit, EM Pure (Marred)

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Product Details
Brand: Jitsie
Color: Blue/White/Orange
Fits: EM Pure (20-22)
> Supplier --- PRIMARY ---: Off Road Action
> Last Info Update (yyyy-mm-dd): 2022-05-12
> Cost: €37.80 / $40.51
> Retail Suggested: €58.34/ $62.52

Yellow dot in photo indicates location of small dig in sticker. Flaw is tiny flap piece (3mm). Will lay flat once sticker is applied. This is not a hole- a sprocket in shipping box pushed up the small piece.

Replica original sticker kit. Ideal as replacement for the original bike stickers.

* design based on the Electric Motion Epure 20-21
* sticker kit includes sticker for the front mudguard, frame and rear mudguard
* 200 micron thick vinyl for durability
* easy to apply

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