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Buddy Riding Instruction (B.R.I.)

B.R.I. Lesson
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Brand: Tryals Shop
Type: 'One on Two'

Lesson includes instruction for Rider and Buddy of their choice. Riders bring their own bikes or rental bikes available. ***Please call or email to set up your day and time.We live on the property and are extremely flexible about when and how your lesson (or lessons) are set up. Call anytime to discuss your questions 315-497-3268. Talk to us about how far you have to drive in getting here, if you would like some rest half-way through your lessons- etc. We are happy to accommodate you ***

About the Instruction: For many, Buddy Riding Instruction is the optimal way to receive instruction.Each rider gets to learn by watching the other’s attempts and it gives each rider a small rest between rides.Bringing a buddy allows the recipient to bring someone who is new to Trials if they would like.Seasoned riders can add a new technique to their skill set, fine-tune a technique, or receive direction on correcting an inefficient habit.Each rider will gain personalized benefits through the ‘One-on-Two’ session of intense attention.

About the Riding Course:The Tryals Shop unique riding course offers challenges for every skill level rider, with a variety of terrain options available.Hills, off-camber turns, logs of various sizes, rock climbs, steps and ledges.The training sections are purpose-built for teaching specific techniques.In addition, with the continually marked course, riders may practice choosing their lines, improving concentration, and section problem-solving strategies for competition (if that be their goal).

Instruction Mission:To increase Trials riding enjoyment through enforcement of good riding habits- and to have FUN!

Our goal is to provide a safe, fun, and structured riding environment tailored to each individual rider. Our unique riding area located at the Tryals Shop, in Locke N.Y., offers challenges for every skill level rider, with a variety of terrain options available. Hills, off-camber turns, logs of various sizes, rock climbs, steps, and ledges. Our training sections are purposely built for teaching specific techniques, and each rider receives individual attention, with section design set at a learning level slightly beyond their present riding capabilities.

Our mission is to improve rider confidence through:

  • Teaching new riding techniques.
  • Improving section problem-solving strategies and concentration.
  • Development of proper section structure to promote positive learning habits.
  • Enforcement of good riding habits.

There are three ways to learn:

  • Bring your bike (get one on one instruction) $40.00 per hour.
  • Borrow a bike from us (get one on one instruction) $70.00 per hour. Adult or Youth Bike Available.
  • Call ahead, bring your bike, and lets just go ride $0

About your instructors:

  • Mike has done many trials schools and has more than 40 years of experience as an expert trials rider. He has participated on the Trials de Nations team as team captain on four occasions and also has attended almost every US world round since 1992. Mike has been a minder several times for many of the top world riders and also has earned a senior national championship and many regional championships. Aaron is an excellent instructor and has been part of the Tryals Shop since his second day on the planet. He now has 17 years riding experience with many years as an Expert Class rider.
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